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The team at Your Bestselling Book took me from conception to completion and promotion of my first book, LADYSHARK: How to Become a Millionaire in Your 30s. Jen and MeiMei are OG Ladysharks, for sure!"

–Chrissy Grigoropoulos, Esq., Founding Attorney at Grigoropoulos Law Group and Author of LADYSHARK: How to Become a Millionaire in Your 30s

“If I could describe this course in just a few words, it would be transformative, informative, inspiring. Your Bestselling Book course is like discovering your best self through an amazing writing adventure.”

–Toan Lam, Storyteller & Media Expert

“This course was a game changer for me. I felt so validated. I thought I was taking it to finish my book and learn how to get it published. What I got was a big self-esteem boost and a powerful writing community I didn't even know I needed.

–Alice Crisci, CEO Ovum Health and Author of Fertility Math, ART, Data and the Lies They Tell You About Reproductive Health

“For the first time in my creative career, I feel like I was in the right place at the right time when I met MeiMei Fox. The whole experience of writing my book has been very cathartic, and I will never forget the beautiful members of my cohort. I’m very grateful.”

–Sarah Halstead, Comedian, Actor, & Podcaster

“YES! MeiMei's course provided an excellent and comprehensive framework for new authors. The content was very well laid out and conveyed, but it was MeiMei's empowering coaching and warm, accessible demeanor that made this course excellent.”

–Zenia Tata, Innovation Strategist, Trained Futurist, & Humanitarian

“MeiMei created this beautiful environment of trust, encouragement, compassion, and love. That created a beautiful ripple effect where we all felt comfortable being vulnerable, and became each other’s cheerleaders. MeiMei inspired us to believe in our projects and cheered us every step of the way. This was a beautiful, fantastic experience.”

–Marie Save de Beaurecueil, Attorney

Going through Your Bestselling Book with MeiMei has given me the utmost confidence to believe in myself. It’s part of my story, and it’s changed my life. I came to America as a kid 20 years ago, having never spoken a word of English. And now I’m writing a book to inspire millions.”

–Sacad Guled, Entrepreneur

“I borrowed money to join the inaugural cohort of Your Bestselling Book led by MeiMei Fox, and the results have been astounding. The program delivered beyond my expectations, equipping me with essential tools for writing, valuable connections, and a significant jump start on my book project. Additionally, the knowledge I acquired through the course played a crucial role in boosting my business revenues by an incredible 75,000%. The experience has not only enhanced my book's storyline but also transformed my professional trajectory. I wholeheartedly recommend this program to anyone who dreams of writing and publishing a book in the future.”

–Christina Weber, Founder of WeDeepen and The Love Club, host of the Deepen with Christina podcast

Your Bestselling Book took my book from being a jumble of ideas in my head to being something that I was actually in community about already, which is my ultimate goal for writing this book: to bring together community and discourse. I have it before I’ve even finished writing or publishing the book, and it makes that goal even sweeter.”

–Indu Viswanathan, Ed.D.

“Your Bestselling Book is more than a class; it's a community. If practical wisdom on writing and publishing delivered to a curated community of open, vulnerable authors (who become your biggest cheerleaders and favorite new pals) is what you're seeking, then you're in the right place. Sign up now!”

–Lara “The Lawyer who Loves Law” Pearson

“I loved the course and what it gave to me. I thought the course would simply outline a way for me to write a book, but it turned out to be so much more. It empowered me to really take a good look at my life, confront hard parts, heal, and find more growth within myself from my own story. The experience turned into one of release and freedom and writing my book became a cry of triumph for my life.”

–Tracey Milligan, Founder, The Milligan Foundation

“Your Bestselling Book is a catalyst for both novice and seasoned authors. The structure of the course supports three essential ingredients that you cannot get anywhere else: (a) insider insights and how-to write and publish your book (b) MeiMei Fox, who is an institution unto herself, the ultimate book doula and manifesting champion, (c) a community of learners who each add value and perspectives that help to shape your book into something better than you can even imagine. 

To my academic friends: When it's time to write to a broader audience, start here. This course and working with Mei Mei will help ground your work so that you can make essential shifts in how you view your audience, your writing, and yourself as an author.

I went from 60 pages of notes to 260 pages of a full draft in just over two months – and a clear path to what I need to finish this book in 2024. Inspiration and clarity and confidence were all what I gained from this course.

–Stephanie W. Cawthon, Ph.D.

“If you have been waiting to write your book for a popular audience, take this course as soon as you can. MeiMei's tips helped me see how I could shape a book to hook readers and keep them turning the pages. I benefited from her insider experience to think about a plan for publishing and disseminating my work. MeiMei is an excellent, enthusiastic teacher who puts a lot of heart into her work. Highly recommended!”

–Ashley E. Maynard, Ph.D.
About Your Book Coach

Hi, I'm MeiMei Fox. I'm a 2x New York Times bestselling author, FORBES contributor, and the creator of the exclusive online book-coaching program, Your Bestselling Book.

About Your Book Coach

Hi, I'm MeiMei Fox. I'm a 2x New York Times bestselling author, FORBES contributor, and the creator of the exclusive online book-coaching program, Your Bestselling Book.

My passion is book coaching for founders, executives, professors, entrepreneurs, influencers, creatives, nonprofit leaders, change-makers, and anyone with something to say.