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Stepping Into Your Power at 50+

Mar 23, 2024

At 50, I finally stepped into my power.

Because this past year, the year I turned 50, is the year when I launched my online course to teach aspiring authors how to write and publish your nonfiction book, aptly named Your Bestselling Book (thank you, Drue Kataoka).

At 50, I finally had the courage to embrace 25 years of writing, ghostwriting, coauthoring and journalism experience, as well as 15 years of coaching experience, and say, "Hey, I'm an expert! I can guide other people in writing their books!"

It seems to me that many of us women were trained by society to stand in the shadows, to play a supporting role – in careers and in family life.

Sometimes it takes a Nudge from the Universe to get us to stand more firmly and proudly in our wisdom and expertise. 

In 2023, the Universe delivered that Nudge to me. As is often the case, my Nudge was not comfortable. It came with a sense of doom, panic, and anxiety... What am I going to do with the second half of my life? How can I provide more stability to my family? Am I reaching my full potential?

After meeting with a terrific executive coach, Stacey Sargison, I realized that I wanted to reach more than one client at a time – to take my meaningful work in helping people write their books and align with their life purpose to a broader audience.

Six months later, I had met my business partner Carrie LeSage, and we were launching Your Bestselling Book.

I'm also thrilled to share that my letter to the editor about the importance of the arts and humanities was published in The New York Times!

Have a read and let me know what you think.

 WRITING TIP OF THE WEEK: Step into Your Power

  1. Stand up! Move your body.
  2. Breathe deeply into your belly. Feel your power as you inhale and exhale.
  3. Use your voice. Sing. Cry out your name. Get loud.
  4. Now sit down and write. What has been holding you back from stepping fully into your power? What are the doubts that come crowding into your head?
  5. Picture what it would look like for you to fully claim your talent and ambition. What would you accomplish first?

What's your power story?




“The recent ranking of FORBES' 100 Most Powerful Women List showcases women in the prime of their lives – and careers. 80% of them are over age 50 – and half are over 60. Because despite all the stereotypes and inherited stories, fairy tales and films of older women as fearsome, wrinkled crones, the emerging 21st reality is that women in Q3 – the 3rd Quarter (50–75) of our longer, 100-year lives – have never looked better, felt fitter or wielded more power."

FORBES, January 2024


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