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Beware of Empty AI Promises

Mar 26, 2024

I almost vomited when I got an email announcing that, with a mere prompt, click, and payment, MovableType will "compile a high-quality first draft of your book (over 35,000 words, 150+ pages) in just 15 minutes!" 

Thank you, AI.

I was relieved to read an email from David Strom, a blogger who calls himself the Web Informant, tearing down this creation. He calls the output of MovableType "basically gibberish." Strom writes:

"They of course characterize it somewhat differently, saying its AI output is 'highly specific & well researched content.' It isn't: there are no citations or links to the content. The output looks like a solid book-like product with chapters and sub-heads but is mostly vacuous drivel. The company claims it comes tuned to match your writing style, but again, I couldn't find any evidence of that. And while 'each chapter opens with a story designed to keep your readers engaged,' my interest waned after page 15 or so."

Here is a sample from the book on Generative AI created by MovableType AI, which you can find on the homepage of the company website (I will not link to it!). I find it unreadable:

"The words of William Gibson, a visionary fiction author renowned for his cogent observation on technology and culture, perfectly set the stage for our venture into the intriguing arena of Generative AI. This book follows the spirit of those powerful words, demystifying a significant technological revolution you might not yet know you're a part of."


Here's what NOT to use AI for: To write your book.

Aside from the overwrought gibberish it outputs, I'd like to meet an AI that knows about your life. An AI that sat up late at night in your college dorm and talked philosophy with you. An AI that was there when your first girlfriend broke up with you. An AI that experienced the triumph of your first soccer game victory, the pride you felt at making your first sale.

AI cannot tell your stories. 

AI does not know the wisdom you have accumulated over the years. 

Don't be deceived by offers of having a book written for you in 15 minutes, or even two weeks.

You know what you can use AI for?

 We'll cover that next week.




"I have sensation. I feel. I wouldn't be worth much if I couldn't feel."

– Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles


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